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Kinesio Taping



Kinesiology Taping can provide benefits such as:

  • Symptom reduction taping – reduce pain, improve movement and function
  •  Oedema (swelling) control taping –   can be used following acute swelling, or for more chronic swollen areas. Preliminary research has reported kinesiology tape to be a favourable alternative to regular compression strapping. RockTape has also reported some success with regional hypersensitivity syndromes.
  •  Postural control taping – enhances the effectiveness of any postural correction treatment.
  •  Powertaping – This is unique to Rocktape and is an exciting move forward, giving potential performance enhancing benefits. The tape is applied along the fascial lines (anatomy trains) or functional lines of the body to improve proprioceptive feedback and either control or prevent injuries.  To put it into laymans terms, having the tape applied in the right place and in the right way, can improve performance, maximise your ability to perform exercises to ‘good form’ and therefore minimise the chance of injury.

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